User Interface

Dedicated graphic processing, which includes a 32-bit controller, graphics controller and 16-bit color interface improves responsiveness and resolution, and provides for more detailed graphics. Particles Plus’ architecture provides for a richer interface with more detailed data. Navigation is simplified by allowing the user to easily switch between tabular data views, real-time graphing & charting.

The local processing power improves responsiveness allowing the user to scroll quickly through large amounts of archived data without impacting the instrument performance in the collection of new data, or compromising throughput of external interfaces. The entire user interface is always available, even while sampling.

User interface features can be accessed through traditional hierarchical menus or in many cases directly through icons on the main screen. This streamlines navigation, making access of often used features fast and intuitive. For example, touching the battery icon on the main screen brings up the current state of the battery, while also providing other battery details such as battery temperature, state-of-charge, percent of life and more. Features like channel management, environmental sensors, time/date, etc. can all be accessed either through menus or by touching the associated icon on the main screen.

Powerful data representation options like charting and the patented Real-Time Meter provide sophisticated means of viewing data. Some of these are available during sampling and can also be viewed as stored (archived) data.

Below is a summary of some of the user-interface features:

  • Entire interface is accessible while the unit is sampling
  • Many features accessible both hierarchically and through icons on the main screen
  • Data can be represented in several ways: tabular differential/cumulative, Real-Time Meter, graphs and more
  • Both new data and archived data can be represented in many of the views above
  • Differential and cumulative data can be displayed simultaneously on the main screen, zoom screen and stored (archived) data
  • A zoom mode allows tabular data to fill the screen increasing legibility at a distance
  • Data can be displayed with various units: particulate counts, cubic-feet, cubic-meters, Liters, Mass-concentration (μg/m3)
  • Unique environmental display screen provides large, selectable size Particulate Matter (PM) indication for mass concentration measurements

Particles Plus User Interface with More Data Displayed